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We would like to attract your attention to the results of "The 5th HYCON2 PhD School on Control of Networked and Large-Scale Systems", organized on July 1-5, 2013 in Lucca, Italy. The school was targeted at graduate students and researchers who wanted to learn the main concepts of the appealing field of networked control systems, as well as at graduate students and postgraduate researchers already working in the area.

Selected speakers lectured during the school covering the basic concepts and results on stability and control of networked control systems, wireless communication, event-triggered control, consensus algorithms, decentralized control, distributed optimization, model predictive control, real-time control, and large-scale applications such as power and traffic networks. The program of the school included five full days of lectures, interleaved by enough time slots to allow scientific discussions among the participants and with the speakers.

Selected speakers:

-       Sanjoy K. Mitter (USA)

-       H. Eugene Stanley (USA)

-       George Pappas (USA)

-       Maurice Heemels (The Netherlands)

-       Massimo Franceschetti (USA)

-       Joao Hespanha (USA)

-       Alberto Bemporad (Italy)

-       Mikael Johansson (Sweden)

-       Jan Lunze (Germany)

-       Giorgio Buttazzo (Italy)

-       Sandro Zampieri (Italy)

-       Kameshwar Poolla (USA)

-       Bart De Schutter (The Netherlands)

-       Vicenç Puig Cayuela (Spain)

The school followed an established successful tradition of organizing biannual international PhD schools. The 1st HYCON PhD School on Hybrid Systems, the 2nd HYCON PhD School on Hybrid Systems, the 3rd WIDE PhD School on Networked Control Systems took place in 2005, 2007, and 2009, respectively, in Siena, Italy and the 4th HYCON2 PhD School on Control of Networked and Large-Scale Systems, in Trento, Italy. On these schools top researchers in the field educated over 300 PhD students from all over the world on a broad range of topics.

The full program of the school can be found at http://5hycon2.imtlucca.it/school_program.html

With the best regards,

Alberto Bemporad, Maurice Heemels and Mikael Johansson


Prof. Alberto Bemporad

IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca

Piazza San Francesco, 19

55100 Lucca, Italy


Prof. Maurice Heemels

Dept. Mechanical Engineering                      

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven             

Building WH 0.140

Den Dolech 2

P.O. Box 513,

5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Prof. Mikael Johansson

Automatic Control Lab

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Osquldas vag 10,

10044 Stockholm, Sweden

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