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Management structure and procedures


The HYCON2 Consortium is composed of 23 partners, from 7 European countries (Research Institutes and Universities). Two levels of associations are foreseen for partners: level 1 full partners, level 2 associated partners (description in Section 2.3). A clear management structure has been set up to promote adequate integration and communication among the different partners. The organisational structure of the Consortium shall comprise the following bodies:


  • The Coordinator as the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the parties and the European Commission.
  • The Project Office composed of the Coordinator and the Project Management Assistant will perform the technical and the administrative coordination of the Project.
  • The Governing Board as the decision-making body of the Consortium will be composed of all the Project partners
  • The Executive Committee composed of the Work Package Leaders, in charge of initiation and coordination of the WP activities.
  • Intellectual Property, Use and dissemination Committee - IPUDC will be created by the Governing Board and will be in charge of advising the Governing Board on monitoring the IPR and exploitation issues and coordinating all the dissemination initiatives.

Two other advisory bodies are proposed: the International Scientific Council (ISC) and the Industrial advisory board (IAB), to assist the Governing Board in decision-making for strategic orientations.


The Coordinator

Responsibilities:  The Coordinator is responsible for the adherence to the contractual obligations in all the activities of the Project, including prompt delivery of all reports and deliverables announced in the work plan. It will be responsible for the scientific coordination, administrative and financial management. In particular, the Coordinator shall be responsible for the distribution of the EC financial contribution to the project partners. The Coordinator will chair the Governing Board and will supervise the work of the Project Management Assistant. It will be the sole intermediary with the EC concerning the Project. CNRS has proposed to be the Coordinator of the Project. As the largest fundamental research organisation in Europe, it has a long standing experience in European Framework Programme projects and performing administrative services capable to insure the management of the project and the coordination of the Consortium. Prof. Françoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue, Research Director at CNRS, is the proposed Coordinator. She was the scientific coordinator of HYCON NoE.


The Project Office

Composition:  The Coordinator and the Project Management Assistant.

Responsibilities: The Project Office will take care of all the management and administrative aspects related to the coordination of the Project. It will also take care of all the communication aspects both within and outside the Consortium. It shall assist and facilitate the work of the Coordinator and the Governing Board and manage the appropriate e-tools designed for the project (HYCON2 web site, collaborative platform). The Management Team will also oversee the promotion of gender equality.

The Project Management Assistant for the HYCON2 project is Ioannis Sarras.

She is therefore responsible for:

-       Organisational issues: organising and animating along with the Coordinator all the meetings scheduled for the project and keeping the address list of members and other useful contact person updated and available.

-       Communication issues: disseminating the minutes and decisions of the meetings, including e-meetings and teleconferences. Managing the communication with all the Partners, providing the Consortium with all the necessary information concerning the management of the Project. Along with the Coordinator she will also prepare the content and timing of any press release, publication and deliverable by the Consortium.

-       Administering, along with the Coordinator, follow-ups on the various activities as communicating and reporting to EC and monitoring the efficient implementation of the Project and coordinating the Work packages.

-       Project reporting: she will assist the Coordinator in the Project periodic and final reporting to the EC.

-       Financial issues: collecting cost statements and certificate on financial statements from all partners, filling-in and monitoring the Coordinator’s budget, checking the eligibility of all the expenses.

The Management Team will be supported by the CNRS Regional Office Ile-de-France Sud (DR4), in particular by the Office of EU and industrial liaison for all the contractual issues and for the Financial and Human resources departments, which has a large experience in European projects.