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Objectives: The aim of WP2 is to investigate systems that result from the composition of a number of parts (sensors, controllers, actuators, plants) that interact via an interconnection network. In this domain, a multidisciplinary approach is necessary with the purpose of developing an explicit joint vision that encompasses control, computation and communication.

Description of work: WP2 coordinates research efforts to develop a unified vision of Networked Control Systems (NCS) that encompasses control, computation and communication. WP2 is organized in 5 tasks. All of these explore and extend the state of the art in networked control systems. The first three tasks deal with methodological aspects and their relevance to the application domains. The fourth one investigates the adequacy and impact of the new methods proposed in WP2 to specific application problems. The fifth task is devoted to investigating the needs for new networked control methodologies for application domains that are not considered during the main part of the project. Some of the activities of the present work package will be carried out in coordination with and partially supported by the STREP Project “WIDE ‐ Decentralized and Wireless Control of Large‐Scale Systems”. WIDE deals with the development of a novel rigorous and integrated framework and associated tools for advanced control and real‐time optimization of large‐scale and spatially distributed processes that exploits wireless sensor networks.

WP2 Scheme