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Position Permanent position
Role WP Leader
Institution Technische Universitšt Dortmund
Address Emil-Figge-Str. 70
44221 Dortmund
Phone 02317555126
Personal homepage

Biographical sketch

Short CV - Sebastian Engell

born February 27, 1954 in Düsseldorf (Germany), German citizen

married, 3 daughters (born 1984, 1986, 1989)

Current Position
  • Full Professor of Process Dynamics and Operations, Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering, Technische Universität Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany

Academic Degrees

  • Dipl.-Ing., Electrical Engineering, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 1978
  • Dr.-Ing., Control Theory, Department of Mechnical Engineering, Universität Duisburg, 1981
    • Habilitation for Control and Automation, Universität Duisburg, 1987


  • Joseph von Fraunhofer-Prize for Applied Research, 1992
  • Fellow, International Federation of Automatic Control (appointed 2006)
  • Bayer Lecture in Process Systems Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, 2008
  • Journal of Process Control Best Survey Paper Award 2005-2007
  • IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2009, Best Paper Award with T. Tometzki

Employment and Functions

1978 – 1979    Research Assistant, Chair of Automatic Control, Department of Electrical
Engineering, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

1979 – 1981    Research Assistant, Chair of Measusrement and Control, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universität Duisburg

1982 – 1984    Postdoctoral Researcher, Universität Duisburg and McGill University, Montréal

1986 – 1990    R&D Manager, Fraunhofer-Institut IITB, Karlsruhe

1990 –             Professor, Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering, Universität Dortmund

1996 – 1999    Chairman, Department of Chemical Engineering, Universität Dortmund

2000 – 2002    Member of the Senate of Universität Dortmund

2002 – 2006      Vice Rector for Research, Promotion of Young Scientists, and International Relations of Universität Dortmund

2006 – 2008    Advisor to the Rector on International Relations of TU Dortmund

02-03/2008      Distinguished Visiting Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA

Editorial Functions and Technical Societies

Founding Co-Editor, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 1992 – 2000

Associate Editor, European Journal of Control 1995 - 2000

Editorial Board Member, Mathematical Modelling of Systems

Associate Editor, Journal of Process Control

Chairman of the IFAC Technical Committee on Control Design 1996 – 2002

Member, IFAC Technical Committee on Process Control since 1997

Member of the IFAC Policy Committee 2002 – 2005

Program Chair, IFAC Control Design 2000, IFAC ADHS 2003, IEEE CACSD 2004,

Member of the IFAC Fellows Selection Committee, since 2008


Other Functions

1996 – 2002    Coordinator, Research Training Group (DFG Graduiertenkolleg) Modelling and Model- based Development of Complex Technical Systems, Universität Dortmund

2004 – 2009    Chairman of the Governing Board of the European Network of Excellence HYCON – Hybrid Control

2005 –             Member of the selection committee for the Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz-Prize, the most prestigious German research award

2008 –             Coordinator of the European Project MULTIFORM - Integrated Multi-formalism Tool Support for the Design of Networked Embedded Control Systems


~ 100 reviewed journal papers

~ 330 reviewed papers in books and conference volumes


Selected papers:

  • S. Subbiah, T. Tometzki, S. Panek and S. Engell: Multi-product Batch Scheduling with Intermediate Due Dates Using Priced Timed Automata Models. Computers and Chemical Engineering 33 (2009) 1661-1676.
    • C. Sonntag, S. Lohmann, A. Völker, S. Engell: Analyzing Safety Properties of Hybrid Processing Systems: A Case Study on Industrial Evaporation. Journal of Process Control 18 (2008) 885-895.
    • S. Engell: Feedback Control for Optimal Process Operation. Journal of Process Control 17 (2007), 203-219.
    • J. Till, G. Sand, M. Urselmann, S. Engell: A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving Two-stage Stochastic Integer Programs in Chemical Batch Scheduling. Computers & Chemical Engineering 31 (2007), 630-647.
    • M. Völker, C. Sonntag, S. Engell: Control of Integrated Processes: a Case Study on Reactive Distillation in a Medium-scale Pilot Plant. Control Engineering Practice 15 (2007), Special Issue on Award Winning Applications from the 2005 IFAC World Congress, 863-881.
    • S. Engell and A. Toumi: Optimization and Control of Chromatography. Keynote paper, 14th European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering 2004. In: Computers and Chemical Engineering 29 (2005), 1243-1252.
    • W. Gao and S. Engell: Iterative Set-Point Optimization of Batch Chromatography. Computers and Chemical Engineering 29 (2005), 1401-1410.
    • A. Balluchi, L. Benvenuti, S. Engell, T. Geyer, K.H. Johansson, F. Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue, J. Lygeros, M. Morari, G. Papafotiou, A.L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, F. Santucci, O. Stursberg: Hybrid Control of Networked Embedded Systems. European Journal of Control 11 (2005), 478-508.
    • R. Gesthuisen, S. Krämer and S. Engell: A hierarchical control scheme for time optimal operation of semi-batch emulsion polymerizations. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 43 (2004), 7410-7427.
    • A. Toumi and S. Engell: Optimization-based Control of a Reactive Simulated Moving Bed Process for Glucose Isomerization. Chemical Engineering Science 59, 2004, 3777-3792.
    • G. Sand, and S. Engell: Modelling and Solving Real-Time Scheduling Problems by Stochastic Integer Programming, Computers and Chemical Engineering 28, 2004, 1087-1103.
Research Interests

Chemical process control, optimizing control, controller design, hybrid systems, design and verification of logic controllers, planning and scheduling, optimization-based plant design