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The coordination of the work package is under the responsibility of CNRS.

Main tasks are :

Task 10.1:Administrative and financial management

The Project Office composed of the Project Coordinator (CNRS) and the Project Management Assistant will be responsible for the administrative and financial management of the Project, including daily management tasks, such as financial and contractual issues, management of the budget and timing of the Project.

They will follow-up the various activities and monitor the effective and efficient implementation of the Project following the work plan, including the promotion of gender equality plan as described in Section 5. They will manage and coordinate the activities of the Consortium, Governing Board, specific Committees and Executive Committee.

The management of the project will be implemented through regular meetings and correspondence among the consortium members. The Coordinator will organize 6 Project Consortium Meetings between the partners, one at the start of the project (Kick-off Meeting) and 4 other meetings at months 12, 24, 36 and 48 to exchange information on the progress of the project with all partners and to make internal project reviews and assess the Annex1 updating. Other Project meetings may be held via e-conferences. The final meeting will also serve to review the Project as a whole, prepare the final report and discuss further dissemination and exploitation of the results. The coordinator will be responsible for setting up of agendas of meetings. The coordinator and the Project Management assistant in collaboration with the executive committee will insure the quality of the deliverables and the updating of JPA.

The communication between partners will be facilitated by the Project meetings. At each meeting partners will discuss results of accomplished tasks, jointly develop a strategy for the next research step, and exchange general information regarding scientific work and management. The Project management Assitant will manage contact and mailing lists of participants, a collaborative platform to share project documents and facilitate communication and interaction among participants will also be managed by the Project Office. The coordinator and the Project Management Assistant will also be part of the Intellectual Property, Use and dissemination Committee - IPUDC (see description in section 2.1), and thus participate in the management of external communication and dissemination issues (the dissemination strategy is detailed in WP9) and in section 3.2). The coordinator will manage the communication between the European Commission and the HYCON2 consortium including all forms of reporting specified in the Grant Agreement (cf. deliverables). The minutes and decisions of the meetings within the Consortium will also be circulated among the partners (including for eventual e-conferences).

Task 10.3 †- First class HYCON2 web site

The First class HYCON2 web site will aim to bring the capabilities, knowledge and expertise together starting from HYCON2 teams (Level 1 and Level 2) and IAB and ISC members to create a team of experts brought together over the web. Each WP Leader will have the responsibility of the dissemination of the WP activities and their results. A task of WP8 will be dedicated to the coordination of all the information from the other WPs, to gather and receive feedback about the technology and the leadership and to feed it through, both ways. For instance the following steps will be implemented:

-†††††† Establish our vision and how we want the web site delivered

-†††††† Appoint representatives in each location

-†††††† Communicate the vision and the methodology (remember know-how and know-why)

-†††††† Represent the whole team as a community on the platform

-†††††† Integrate messaging such as email and establish the feedback mechanisms

-†††††† Enable information sharing

-†††††† Ö

Task 10.4 - Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Management rules will be reflected in the Consortium Agreement to appropriately recognize the background brought into the Project. IP issues will be discussed in close collaboration with the IP Departments of each partnerís Organisation or industries. This agreement will be signed by all partners before the start of the project. No external actions for dissemination will be taken without consent of the project management. Should exploitable results be produced during the lifetime of the Project, the guidelines of the consortium agreement will be followed. Contractual agreements between participants in the Project or signed with Parties from outside the Consortium, which are acceptable to all and to the EC, will be specifically designed to settle the terms of any exploitation/Use of the Projectís results. The IPUDC will be created by the Governing Board and will be in charge of advising the Governing Board on monitoring the IPR and exploitation issues and coordinating all the dissemination initiatives.


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Del. NoDeliverable nameDelivery date
Agenda for the kick-off meeting
First version of the HYCON2 web site
First project report to the EC
HYCON2 web site operational
Agenda for the Consortium meeting
Agenda for the Consortium meeting
Second project report to the EC
Third project report to the EC
Agenda for the Consortium meeting
Agenda for the Consortium meeting
Fourth project report to the EC
Agenda for the Consortium meeting
Fifth and final project report to the EC