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Objectives. The aim of WP1 is to explore modeling and analysis methods that can be used in the context of large scale, complex systems. Modeling complex large-scale systems and understanding their behavior is an essential first step for the development of advanced control methods to improve their performance. For example, fault detection and isolation methods form the basis of fault tolerant control, whereas stability analysis is the basis for stabilization. In some cases capturing, analyzing and understanding the behavior of a system may also be an end in itself, however. This is the case for many applications in biology, for example, where the end goal is often just to decipher the structure of the control systems put in place by nature. In this work package we aim to assess the research field in the area of modeling and analysis methods for complex systems in Europe and beyond, evaluate the available methods in terms of their potential impact in the application domains and show cases of the project, develop further the most promising of these and assess the impact of these developments on the application domains and show cases.