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The Executive Committee is composed of all Work Package and Application Domain leaders. It is in charge of the initiation and coordination of the WP activities in order to achieve the goals set in the work plan and to provide the contractual reports and deliverable. Either technical, legal experts or representatives of IPUDC, Scientific Council or Industrial Advisory Board may also attend the Executive Committee meetings according to the agenda on an advisory basis.

The role of the Executive Committee is to determine the technical direction of the Project in order to fulfill its aims and those of the consortium members. This includes the development of a consensus on the technical content of the project at the global as well as at the detailed levels and the recommendation of technical amendments to the project work program in order to mitigate risks or to develop corrective actions. The Executive Committee is in charge of the monitoring and updating of the JPA and the progresses of performance and integration of the Network that is presented annually to the Governing Board. It validates the Project reports and deliverables for the EC prepared by the WP leaders. Any difference within the Executive Committee will be resolved by reference to the Governing Board. WP Leaders report to the Governing Board and Project Office.

Its members are given by the following tables.