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The Sugar factory show case offers a realistic process simulator to research teams where a variety of methods for optimal plant-wide operation of process plants can be tested. The simulator reflects significant problems and elements of a real sugar plant combining sections with continuous and batch processes. After completion of the benchmarking, the show case will display what can be achieved with state of the art methods for dynamic operation of process factories.

The aim of the exercise is to operate the plant optimally, according to a set of (economic) targets, and respecting a set of constraints. The low level regulatory control system is given and the participants are encouraged to concentrate in the functioning of the plant as a whole, designing methods and algorithms able to take decisions similar to the ones taken by the managers of the process in order to avoid bottlenecks, perform transitions between operating points, reduce energy costs, smooth steam demands, etc.

Simplified Benchmark

In addition, a simplified benchmark has been developed with the purpose of facilitating participation in the exercise. This simplified benchmark involves only sugar crystallizers sharing product and steam collectors. 

More information can be found in the show case web page   


Documentation and software can be downloaded from the external sugar factory show case web page 

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Results can be found in the show case web page